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The thought of changing a flat tire is bad enough, let alone it be on the side of the road or even worse; on the highway.

Call us if you are missing a tool or need a hand unscrewing one of the bolts or putting the spare on.


Our techs have low profile jacks for vehicles that are low, along with different size sockets for undoing the nuts. And if we find that the spare is low on air, we also carry air compressors for filling up air.




When your car runs out of gas just before making it to the gas station and you find yourself helpless;we can come to the rescue, with some gasoline or diesel to get your car up and running again. This can often save the need for a tow and quickly get you to safety.



Especially in the winter time, the cars often either skid and fall in the ditches or get stuck on the snow banks. The easier way of getting out of it,is to get winched out of there. All our trucks are equipped with electric or hydraulic winches with enough capacity to pull out passenger vehicles, SUVS and light duty trucks and vans.


Our techs ensure that no damage is done to the vehicle being winched out. We ensure this with the use of extra straps and snatch blocks.

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